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WHO CAN JOIN, AND WHAT DOES IT COST? Top Gift Sites is to showcase some of the popular gift sites ranked by hits of visitors. Only gift shopping related sites might be added. Listing is free. We reserve the right to reject any site inappropriate.

HOW DOES THIS RANKING WORK? Click on "Add Account" and fill out the form. Your site will be automatically added after you add the reciprocal link to your page. Ranking is updated every hour. All counters are reset once a week. The more visitors from your site, the higher up in the rankings your site will be listed, and the more exposure (and traffic) you will receive. Click on "Edit Account" to change your account information, view your statistics, and get your Top Gift Sites link code.

WHAT IS THE RECIPROCAL LINK? It is the link you need to place on your website for visitors to click through to the Top Gift Sites. The reciprocal link can be a slogan, a button, or a banner. In the html code, please replace "your username" with yours. For example: your username is ABC, and just change id=your username into id=ABC. Then, copy and insert the html code into your web page. You could also get your html code by clicking Edit Account, then Display Link Syntax, and log into your account to choose the reciprocal link.

Slogan example:

Click To Visit Top Gift Sites!
html code:

Button example:
top wedding lists
html code:

Banner example:
html code:

Rank - your current position on Top Gift Sites.
Title and Description - your website title and brief description.
In - traffic to Top Gift Sites, generated by the link on your site.
Out - traffic sent to your site from your listing on Top Gift Sites.

CAN I ADVERTISE ON TOP GIFT SITES? Yes. Please contact us for advertising program details.

WHAT IF I FORGET MY PASSOWORD? Click on "Edit Account", and then "Forgot your password? Click here". Enter your email address associated with your account, and your password will be emailed to you right away.

WHY HAS MY SITE BEEN DELETED? Sites that do not place the reciprocal links on their sites, do not receive any "In Click", or are unsuitable for our program are subject to removal.

PRIVACY POLICY We respect the privacy of our customers, and ensure the confidentiality of your personal or business information, which will not be disclosed unless, required by law.

DISCLAIMER Although great care has been taken to ensure all lists on this site are safe, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by anyone using any link on this site.

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